RadioZilla 1.1

Listen and record to radio streams


  • Tons of radio stations to choose from
  • Categorized by genre
  • Auto detects ending of songs


  • No search
  • Many stations don't work at all
  • Stations miscategorized

Not bad

RadioZilla is an internet radio and music streaming application that allows you to record live radio stations.

Back in the days of cassette tapes, it was much easier to record songs played over the radio. Nowadays, it's a bit more difficult but RadioZilla aims to make radio recording simpler for the digital age.

Open up RadioZilla and you'll see a list of music genres on the left side. Each one expands to become more specific. There is no search. Click on a radio station that looks good and RadioZilla will begin streaming. If you hear a song that catches your fancy, you can hit the red recording button or hit the "save" button, which detects when a song ends and will stop recording automatically.

Unfortunately RadioZilla is a big headache to use. Many, if not most, of its radio stations simply do not work. There is no error message other than "cannot connect." Radio stations are also sorted improperly. Stations in the 'Classical' section feature stations that played classic rock and romantic love songs instead of classical music from the romantic era.

Overall, RadioZilla is a great idea with poor execution. With streaming services like Spotify, there's really no need to record a low quality song from a radio feed.



RadioZilla 1.1

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